Product Warning

This item contains little parts that could represent a gagging peril. Not for kids 4 and under. If it's not too much trouble keep out of scope of youngsters. Utilize this item just in the way coordinated by the maker. Inability to take after the directions could bring about harm. Inability to utilize this item as coordinated voids any guarantees, both express and/or suggested.


Utilize just as coordinated. Razitor is intended for use just on the upper lip, jaw, jawline, cheek, sideburns and neck zones. Try not to use on bothered, cut or broken skin. Try not to use on eyebrows, eyelashes, inside nose, ears, on areolas, warts, moles or close two-piece ranges. Try not to utilize on the off chance that you have dried out, sore or sunburned skin. Razitor is intended for outer utilize as it were.

You might encounter some sensitivity in the event that you have never or on the off chance that you are not used to expelling hair from the roots. We prescribe that you read and take after notices and bearings deliberately. You should conduct a 48-hour skin response test as Razitor might and can bring about unfavorably susceptible responses and disturbance for a few individuals. Test your skin response by utilizing Razitor on a little region of your face no greater than dime-size where there is undesirable hair. In the event that following 48 hours, there is no antagonistic response, start utilizing as coordinated. On the off chance that distress or aggravation happens, quit utilizing Razitor immediately. Look for restorative counsel if fundamental.