• Razitor - Facial Hair Threader Spring
    Avoid regular parlour visits for threading & waxing.
  • Facial Hair Removal Spring
    Remove facial hair in the privacy of your home.
  • Facial Hair Remover for Women
    Much less painful than threading.


It comes in a price range of a regular threading or waxing service. But, it can be used again and again for years.

Easily Available

It can be bought easily by any leading ecommerce site. A simple google search of "Razitor" can provide the links to the buying-pages.


One can take Razitor anywhere they want due to the handy-size of it. It uses no electricity, so, it can be used while traveling too.

Razitor - A Facial Hair Threader

Razitor is a facial hair removing beauty tool based on the ancient art of Hair Threading. This ancient method involves the removal of unwanted hair with a cotton thread.

However, unlike threading, Razitor does not nick the skin. Instead, Razitor uses a unique nicety spring that allows the removal of unwanted facial hair from the roots safely and effectively. Razitor removes both fine and rough hair. It's a beauty tool designed for individual use that can be used over and over again - saving you money.

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A combination of
convenience & comfort.

Unwanted Hair Removal

Safe &

Razitor doesn't cause scarring or burning. It is a basic tool that simply removes hair from the roots without being harmful to the skin unlike waxing which also peels a thin layer of skin with hair.

Convenient & Comfortable

Razitor is extremely convenient and comfortable to use. You can avoid regular visits to parlour for basic services like threading or waxing and can save you a lot of time.

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Buy 2, get 1 for free! Gift it to your sister or your bestie!

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